everyone said it was true love and she believed it too. not because they were so convincing but because she wanted to. everyone said 'don't leave him. he's wonderful' . she left him, not because he had done something to her but because if she stayed with him any longer, he would completely destroy her.
not physically of course. he knew that she would kill him if he hurt her but he was destroying her spirit, slowly but surely killing it, taking away any sense of self worth that she had.she was no longer the person she knew she was.she could take it no longer now. that's when she saw the truth.
it had been there, staring at her face, right in front of her waiting for her to sense it, see it, know it and believe it.she saw the truth not because it was there or that someone showed it to her but because shae wanted to. She had to.
she told him that she was leaving and he said he was sorry. sorry for what? he didn't know. he just didn't want her to go. not because he loved her... of course he didn't love her. they both knew that.
rather,it was like a hunter not wanting his prey to escape.he called after but she kept walking, not looking back. she knew that this time if she looked back, she would be stuck there, with him, bound by his shackles forever. you see, for this was not the first time she had tried to break free but she had always gone back. gone back to him.
this time it was differrent. the truth was the difference. the truth that he had used her, that he had hurt her and did not and never would love her the way she wanted.. the truth that she had always known but too afraid to acknowledge set her free.
she walked away and then broke into a run, not because she was afraid but because she could.she was free. the truth had set her free.