Funny that people believe in God but not aliens...


I love lists! so this is my top 5 all!

favourite movies:
1. all star wars!!!!
2. sabrina
3. shrek2
4. karan arjun
5.mona lisa smile

also considerd wall-e, 300, hum aapke hain koun, vivaah, baby's day out

favourite books of 2007-08
1. the geometry of gods
2. girls of riyadh
3. playing for pizza
4. almost single
5. shantaram

favourite songs:
not much of a music person...
anything but hard rock
whatever is on Gautam's playlist

favourite food:
1. huli that my mom makes
2. huli that my sis makes
3. alu paratha
4. dal that i make
5. spaghetti at casa piccola (putenesca)

also considered:
ice cream, mixed fruit juice in office, thin crust veggie pizza at indie joe, doughnuts

favourite activities:
1. reading
2. drinking tea
3. watching tv
4. blogging
5. making up dumb songs and singing them all day!

favourite places:(outdoor)
1.mys dasara exhibition
2. mysore palace
3. MG road before the metro work began in bangalore
4. the double road near my place in mysore where eli and I always took walks
5. sjce college campus


happy happy

I'm a very happy person. touchwood. here are my golden rules for happiness
1. love without fear.
the worst thing that can happen to anyone in love is getting rejected or heart broken... so what?? you grieve for a while and then you move on.... i have experienced both and trust me, it's not such a big deal. and dear god... you will fall in love again.

2. do the things that you love doing.
it doesn't matter whether you're good at it or not. I love coloring and although i can't stay inside the lines and my pictures look juvenile at best, i still do it because it's fun and i love it. same with my singing

3. don't fear failure.
a lot of people don't do the things they want to because they far failing...you don't make your dreams come true only by dreaming... do something about it.

4. don't judge others and don't judge yourself. open your mind a little. the "my way or the highway attitude" makes you a loser because others don't care.

5. get rid of the guilt.
we all do things we are not proud of. it's ok.

6.don't make excuses even before you begin...
i'm not taking the exam seriously this year... then why are you writing it... i don't know if i'll get that promotion.. my boss hates me...

by making yourself excuses, you are giving yourself the wrong message. you are telling yourself that it's ok not to do your best because you already have an excuse ready

7. don't blame your folks...
you are responsible f0r who and what you are after 18.... get over it!

8. don't intentionally harm others... you will pay.

9. don't be superstitious if you can help it.

Are you a happy person? tell me what makes you happy......


empowerment??? right...

ok! I hate all relationship advice that all those glossies dish out, especially to men!!! It's annoying. Bloody annoying...
i just read the following stuff on some site... won't tell you which one.
1. "share the housework fellas.. if u do, you get more sex"!!! seriously.....
I don't think we should be trading housework for sex... if the man doesn't do his share... kick him out!!!!
i thought in this day and age, it is a given thing that a man share the housework.... my sis was stay at home for a couple of months and even then my brother -in-law had to help at home..... it was a given thing....
my dad taught my mom to cook... dunno....
2."don't say anything about the shoe habit!!!"
i was like what the f#@$$!!!
if it's my money, i'll spend it any darn way i want, and if it's his money... of course he can say something... it's his money!!!!!

i can go on with this but my point is if this is the stuff dished out in every magazine and every web site.... doesn't it undermine the whole equal rights argument...
and then especially in India, we have a lot of successful female celebrities saying stuff like, "in the end i'm just a simple indian girl who wants to marry and settle down"
then why in the name of the sweet lord do u work 18 hours a day , 7 days a week... for once i'd like someone to say, i love being famous. i'm dead ambitious and i worked very hard to get here!
This is why i respect kareena kapoor! she makes no bones about the fact that she loves being at the top and what she does....
sorry about the abrupt ending but thats just it!


harry potter mania.. still not over:)

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pretty young dumb thing

when i was 12, the mother of a friend told me very nicely that i should start using fair and lovely... I said no thanks....I don't think I ever felt bad about the way I looked until I came to engineering... Even then, I knew it was a passing phase and didn't bother too much...
yesterday, I read in newspapers that young girls (12 to 17) get their hands and legs waxed, get their eyebrows plucked and worry about their weight and shop for the latest fashion... here... in India...
I saw a little girl asking her mom for a princess dress in the mall...
when did things change so much??? I thought girls that age worried about boys and studies and books and stuff... not their looks!
I think the media plays a role too... all those air brushed celebrity pictures bombarding us all the time! And girls that age really get influenced quickly...
I worry about how it will be, when I have kids...
There's another thing that i see a lot... A lot of girls dumb themselves down in the work place, with their boy friends...I just hope that it's a passing phase.... I thought smart was in.... i seem out of touch with reality......
young girls are increasingly getting judged on what they have and what they look like rather than what they are or can become. I think that's just sad....
young girls have so many opportunities today and this negative trend might just reverse all that...
If I decide to have kids and my kid is a young girl, I hope I can teach her to be smart, ambitious and sensible and compassionate.... like my mom did....



now bollywood isn't exactly progressive and its portrayal of women can be called atleast regressive.
none of the heroines have serious careers.. it was so much better in the 70s. take kaala pathar for example. of the three heroines, rakhi was a doctor, parveen babi was a journalist...
I can't remember the last recent movie that i watched where the heroine had something to do other than to look good.
all ambitious women are bad. they either end up dead or as losers.
ambitious women tend be lonely.
ambitious women make bad mothers...
whether society is influenced by movies or vice versa, i see a dangerous trend here