got this from my sis

I AM: slightly off
I WANT: a really cool haircut
I HAVE: almost everything i want (touch wood)
I WISH: i had the guts to get a really cool haircut
I HATE: narrow minded people, stupid people who are arrogant
I FEAR: losing my family and my friends
I SEARCH: for total peace and harmony in my life
I WONDER: how life will be when I'm 40
I REGRET: not telling two people why I was actually that pissed off with them and how horrible they made me feel
I LOVE: ma, daddy, hema, kirana, gautam, eli, my life
I ALWAYS: get really confused when i have to make a choice
I AM NOT: crazy house crazy
I DANCE: really well
I SING: really badly
I CRY: when I'm sad, angry annoyed or hurt.i have very easy tears
I WRITE: from my heart
I WON: quite a few prizes in school but not as many in college. i didn't participate
I AM CONFUSED: about a LOT of things
I NEED:a really cool haircut
I SHOULD: get a really col haircut


i have a 90s hangover.. i love the music and fashion of the 90s.. i'll tell u why i love the 90s so much
reason no 1: it was the decade madhuri, manisha koirala, juhi, mamta kulkarni.. all so beautiful and different... most of the heroines today look alike... i know i sound 90 but seriously they all look alike.. straight hair, thin and tall wearing the same kind of clothes.. sure costumes of the 90s were well.., costumes!! i know most of it was hideous but at least it was unique.
then the movies were just so smashingly trashy!! absolutely rubbish.. tridev, mohra,DDLJ, karan arjun. dil to pagal hai...
they were truely entertaining..

it was the decade of high waisted jeans. yup.. i like high waisted jeans.. there i've said it! atleast underwear had not lost meaning. and not all girls you saw wore low waisted jeans, a tee and a colored belt. it was at least a little different.

then the music.. it was really cool and as a 12 year old you could watch the videos.
it wasn't soft porn. there were some really cool bands... TLC, boy zone ,
Metallica, nirvana,Hootie and the Blowfish and many more. then there was mariah carrey, madonna, seal.. i can go on. the 90s was the best decade for music.. atleast thats what i think.
bollywood music was pretty neat too. tu cheez badi hai mast mast, koyal si teri boli, all songs from aashiqui, lamhe, humse hai muquabala.. it was really good.

sure 90s wasn't all that great. puffed sleeves and purple were fashionable but still........