and by the way, to anyone who cares a little about stuff other than themselves and like reading... please read to kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee.. if you've already read it, do read it again!
working, living alone, paying your bills, cooking almost twice a week.... all such grown up things.. i hate to admit it but i think i'm a grown up now. strange isn't it.. realizing that you're a grown up, responsible for your own actions, responsible for giving direction to your own life.. it's a very solemn realization.
I've always thought that being grown up is a little boring. being all proper and fake.If you're even a little interesting, then you're considered to be eccentric. I'd rather be eccentric than proper!
one more strange grownup phenomenon is that grownups never ever split the bill! one person is always expcted to pick up the bill when grown ups go out to eat!what happened to going dutch????
there are certain good things about being grown up though.. you have plenty of money to blow it up any way you want but sadly most people don't know how to enjoy the money they work so hard to earn.
the other thing is, you can stay out late. no one to yell at you!You can make as many phone calls as you want, cut your hair any way you like and wear whatever you want.
for me, the best things about being a grown up are, the money with which i can buy books whenever i want and that sense of increased freedom and independence. it isn't that boring either because i'm a little eccentric..