new lessons

  1. most of us need all the help we can get so if someone is offering some advice or help, shut up and take it. You can determine later, whether you can use it or not.
  2. How you look matters. clean toenails, fingers and nice clothes matter more than you think. At least they mattered more than I thought they did.
  3. If you have an opinion, speak up. people who speak up are more noticed than the quiet "intelligent" types. no one will know how intelligent you are if you don't speak up.
  4. if you have ideas and dreams, start working on them. it's never too early or too late.
  5. learn to be alone without feeling lonely
  6. de-clutter your life. it helps you start getting things done. this means negative friends, clothes that you don't wear, shoes you don't need etc.
  7. most people have more to offer than we give them credit for. give people a chance.
  8. compliments have power. give and receive compliments with grace and generosity.
  9. read. it's important to know what's going on in the world even if it doesn't affect you. makes you smarter.
  10. listen to both sides of the argument. learn to take criticism even if it seems unfair.
  11. ask for feedback regularly. when the boss gives you feedback, it might be too late to correct certain things.