Of Cats and Mice

a few days back, i finished reading Maus, a two part graphic novel series that talks about the holocaust. I was so touched and deeply disturbed. I never thought of human hatred as such a potent force, capable of causing so much destruction and despair. I also never thought of the tenacity that we can show in times of such despair. human beings are capable of so much compassion and so much love, yet our hatred knows no bounds either. To treat people like the way the jews were treated is simply not human. to think that so many people went along with it and let it happen is also such a shame and such a disgrace. yet we seem to learn nothing from history. you would think that after such a great tragedy, the world would never let anything quite like that happen but think again. the genocides in Bosnia, Sudan and many other places suggest otherwise. looks like we don't learn anything from the past. It scares me to think that fellow human beings are capable of such carnal acts. hatered is very very scary