i seriously believe that the airplane is the single coolest invention of man!


oh and the other day that the left front in kerala wants to make the state a hub for free open source software by banning everything else..
but isn't that exactly the opposite of what open source stands for???
forcing consumers to use something by making sure they don't have a choice.... hmmm sounds vaguely familiar
my hunt for the perfect facial cream for summer has begun! it flagged off at health and glow. 4 weeks and some hunting later, i still haven't found it.
i'm beginning to lose heart because the last place i looked was a hyper market! whatever that is..
see my requirements for the cream are simple.
firstly and most importantly, it SHOULD NOT BE A FAIRNESS CREAM.
i.e i do not want the words lightening, whitening, fairness or pink associated with it. i like my skin. i like its color, thank you very much.
now this itself rules out Zillion-10 of the zillion creams in the markets.
next, it should be non sticky.
third and optional- it must have something to do with vitamin E. fortified, enriched.. whatever.
last but not the least it must not cost more than 120 bucks.

now i know you people out there( yeah you 5 sweet folks who read my blog) think this is easy but trust me, it is not..
although i do have the tendency to crib excessively about the smallest of things but this time i am not.
this is very serious and disturbing. how fair can brown skinned folk get????? why are there so many *#$@** fairness creams out there? where is the stuff for folks who like the way they look and like the color of their skin?