plrrrr.. life's a bitch

life sometimes more than sucks! today i realized that other than my folks, my sis and bro inlaw, no one else will be coming to drop me to the airport and that just sucks! you know why because i have more than been there for my friends. i am sometimes an ass



I have been home for almost 20 days now. I have now observed one thing. The children upstairs are way too quiet... for a boy of 7 and a girl of 12, they are surprisingly quiet... they don't fight with each other loudly, they don't play together or atleast i think they don't because i can't hear a thing.
They watch tv for half an hour everyday,.. i think they're angels....Now it was quite different with me and my sis...
As kids, although the age gap between us was 6 years, we did play with each other until my sis was around 14. We fought a LOT... but we would also get along wonderfully well and play house, barbies or space adventures... We fought about the names our barbies had.. my sis always came up with these wonderful names and i always wanted the name she took up.... we fought over whose barbie's boyfriend was archie and whose was reggie.... i had no clue about who archie or reggie was but i wanted what she wanted. we fought over barbie furniture, clothes... everything possible.. but we always comprmised and then played with each other and had so much fun.
At home, during holidays my mom wouldn't even make us pick up our toys. A barbie house set up on the floor would stay like that for days. She was such a good sport. She instructed the maid to sweep around it....
One more game that my sis and i loved playing was library... Once in a while we would arrnage the heaps of books we had and number them and catalogue them and pretend that we had our own library... that was the best. we would just sit around reading. Our mom pretty much let us to do what we pleased during the holidays. we never cleaned our rooms or cupboards. It was a nice mess and we had lots of fun fighting and playing. Just before the holidays would end, our mom would come, dump our clothes from the cupboard and make sure we arranged them...
and now I see these kids and their room looks so clean and neat, nothing out of place, no raised voices, no fights, perfect little angels who always listen to their mum and i can't help but feel a little sad for the fun they are missing out on.