today is world environment day. things each one of us can do to save this beautiful planet
  • recycle paper
  • don't litter the streets
  • try not to use polythene bags. reuse them for as long as possible
  • don't use bulbs
  • maintain a small garden atleast


it's such a beautiful evening. i love it when the weather is like this. pleasant, cool and breezy.
weather like this makes me think of all the wonderful things around me.the big box of chocolate ice-cream, raw mangoes, the big jar of mango pickle, cold water, lemons, sporty deo, the strange and mysterious smell in the air, mangoes(ripe) and lots more.
i think of beautiful songs with beautiful lyrics, the beautiful people around me, the wonderful things that have happened to me...
i can almost smell the rain but not quite. just like that absolute feeling of peace inside me. i know it's there but i can't find it. not yet. not today.


everyone writes about love... i think love means different things to different people. for someone it might be that special person who makes your heart beat just a little faster, for someone it might be that feeling of security and familiarity and for others it might be a person who makes them feel special..As for me, i don't have a specific definition of what love is but a quote by the bending buddha sums it up for me.........................
"love is a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day".
i didn't say it wasn't corny!