So i have decided that I will be attending the mason school of business from August... I fell in love with the school and after talking to the current students, I feel that it is a very happy place. So really looking forward to going there. My journey up to this point has been interesting. The first time I realized that I wanted to do an MBA was in the third semester of engineering. Gautam and I were sitting below the big banyan tree in the gangothri campus, and he was telling me that he wanted to do his PhD in AI techniques. I said I wasn't sure and our conversation proceeded something like this. I so clearly remember.
me: I think i want to do an MBA... I'm not sure... I really haven't thought this through.
gautam: well.... don't you think it's time for you to put some thought into it... don't tell me you want to stop after just doing your B.E...
me: you know what, don't tell anyone but I'm secretly very ambitious
gautam: why secretly? you should be ambitious.
me:i don't know... i never tell anyone these things....
can't believe I told you!
gautam: what's the big deal..... by the way you ought to start putting some effort to learn about what you want to do. talk to people, read...
me: ya ya....

learning to be smart

I think I was 12 years old when my mom told me something that I will never forget. I had gotten mediocre marks in my annual exams and had just received a long lecture from my class teacher about how indifferent I was becoming towards everything. I had also been yelled at quite badly by my dad and was in no mood to listen to another lecture. My mom and I were sitting by the swimming pool and this is exactly what she said to me..
"So you had a lot of fun last year in class I guess...I know how nice it is when boys pay you a lot of attention, when they want to talk to you and be with you but I'll tell you a secret... when you study well and do smart things, smarter boys will want to be around you... so think about it."
This was something that I never forgot...For us at home it was important to be smart. Smart meant thinking before you spoke, smart meant trying your best even if you sometimes failed, smart meant sticking to rules. We could and still can talk to our mother about anything. She never stopped us from asking questions.Sex, boys, ambition, marriage, children, life... she always tells me what she thinks. Always honest.Never apologetic.
I believe i have made smart choices in life and that is why I am happy today. I also trust myself to do the smart thing in future also. This is something I learnt from my folks


TV tonight

I was watching Jhalak today on Sony and for the first time in my life I teared up, watching a dance. it was a performance by Baichung Bhutia and his choreographer and it was about a woman who has suffered from physical abuse. The choreography was just outstanding. It moved me to tears. The message was conveyed so clearly. it was beautiful!
While changing channels I saw Barkha Dutt's interview with Priyanka Gandhi. Never have I been that impressed. What I saw was a woman who is inteligent, cultured, dignified and astute.
Priyanka Gandhi came across as a woman who is sincere and honest. Her answers and opinions about non violence, her family and politics demonstrated the deep understanding she has of herself, her country and her family. The BJP talks a lot about nationalism, patriotism and Indianness but not one of their leaders have conveyed what Priyanka did in that interview. Her views and understanding about these matters can shame any 80 year old "grass roots","country loving" neta.
Catch the repeat telecast of the interview if posible and you'll know what I'm talking about.

here's the video of priyanka's interview


lady boss

there's a lot of talk about how women make really bad bosses. I have to disagree... I've had 4 supervisors over the last 22 months and 2 of them have been women. I have loved working for both of them. they were both thoroughly professional, extremely demanding and extremely fair.
Unlike the popular myth that women hate to see other women in leadership roles, both of them encouraged more girls in the team to take up leadership roles. This does not mean that all women are like that. it's just that i'm telling you that there a re very nice women who make great bosses and reading about them might just open your mind a little. both these women have been great role models and i hope to be like them someday too. The amount of positive energy that they have, the incredible vibe that they give out is amazing.