I'm so excited.this is the first time I'm blogging and I think its great. My friends say that i have an opinion about everything. For instance statistics. whenever u come across statistics, any kind of statistics,ever observe the numbers u see? they are all strange, random numbers like 1123,496,314.never numbers like 100,450,10000. never numbers u or me or any almost normal human being can remember.and those statistics quoting freaks...... well, i think they are all making it up. its not like anyone is ever going to remember a number like 38951043 and verify..


Gautam Ramdurai said...

Ah.. this female's despise for numbers jus shows in her first blog--u go girl!!!

agent99 said...

Welcome to the community WiseGirl109.

I'm also a fan of statistics and per your post, here's a statistic for you which may be of interest.

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