it's such a beautiful evening. i love it when the weather is like this. pleasant, cool and breezy.
weather like this makes me think of all the wonderful things around me.the big box of chocolate ice-cream, raw mangoes, the big jar of mango pickle, cold water, lemons, sporty deo, the strange and mysterious smell in the air, mangoes(ripe) and lots more.
i think of beautiful songs with beautiful lyrics, the beautiful people around me, the wonderful things that have happened to me...
i can almost smell the rain but not quite. just like that absolute feeling of peace inside me. i know it's there but i can't find it. not yet. not today.

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Pixie said...

Absolute peace is when you also get to sleep in till 10 and you are not disturbed by any unnwanted phone calls!!!
if it's raining outside, then its all the better!!!