the issue of women's reproductive rights is very important to me. i have been pro- choice ever since i can remember. the choice of having an abortion is not an ethical or moral issue. it is simply a question of the rights a woman has over her body.
it seems very simple to me. if it is not your uterus, mind your own business.
if the "pro lifers " want to turn it into an ethical issue, i have just one question.
how many unwanted and abandoned babies did you adopt today..
also, as long as nurture remains a woman-only job, men have no right to talk about abortions.
the onus of providing the necessary emotional support so essential for a child, is almost entirely on the mother. so she alone can make the decision of bringing a child into this world.
if people want to talk about morality, i have one more question.
is it fair to bring a child into this world when you know you cannot give him the best you can?
religion,family, morality, ethics, love or even law for that matter has no business in deciding whether a mother should bring another life into this world

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