got this from my sis

I AM: slightly off
I WANT: a really cool haircut
I HAVE: almost everything i want (touch wood)
I WISH: i had the guts to get a really cool haircut
I HATE: narrow minded people, stupid people who are arrogant
I FEAR: losing my family and my friends
I SEARCH: for total peace and harmony in my life
I WONDER: how life will be when I'm 40
I REGRET: not telling two people why I was actually that pissed off with them and how horrible they made me feel
I LOVE: ma, daddy, hema, kirana, gautam, eli, my life
I ALWAYS: get really confused when i have to make a choice
I AM NOT: crazy house crazy
I DANCE: really well
I SING: really badly
I CRY: when I'm sad, angry annoyed or hurt.i have very easy tears
I WRITE: from my heart
I WON: quite a few prizes in school but not as many in college. i didn't participate
I AM CONFUSED: about a LOT of things
I NEED:a really cool haircut
I SHOULD: get a really col haircut


Pixie said...

I agree with almost everything except the "i am not" comment!!!!!!

Shruti said...

so did u get the really cool haircut?if not, pls do go for it.if a haircut turns out to be the way you expect(which is a very rare case!).it works wonders!when i gotta real cool haircut, mum was practically in tears but i couldn't stop answering everyone i knew "Yeah!its good innit?" ;)

wisegirl said...

haven't got it yet but i will. sometime soon..:)