New Year

A very happy new year to all of you. I'm back after a pretty long break.
I celebrated new year's eve at my sister's place. We had a lot of fun there. Went out with friends for a very nice dinner on the 1st of Jan. Every year I make new year resolutions and try my best to follow them. so far I have been quite successful. This year I still haven't figured out what my resolutions will be. When I figure them out, I shall definitely share them with you.
During this break I have made a few observations.
I had gone to crosswords, a popular book store and most of the books in the self help and non fiction sections were on how to be happy.... i really did not know that so many people need help in being happy... I thought that our very purpose in life is to be happy and when you are happy, it is to continue being happy. I believe that all of our actions are related to this singular purpose in life.
Of course, we all derive happiness in different ways. Some people help others to be happy, some are happy when they are successful and others are happy when the people that matter to them are happy.
For a lot of people it is the balance of all these.
Is it so difficult to achieve happiness? After all it is about thinking of what makes you happy and then doing that. If the things you do, don't make you happy, stop doing them.
So my prayer for the new year will be that all you succeed in being happy.

I used to have a low self esteem problem a couple of years back and a lot of people who know me now and people who have known me over the years will find it very hard to believe but I really did struggle with low self esteem 3 years back.
I think low self esteem is a root cause to most of our problems. So i have decided to share with you how I helped myself get over it...Watch this space for more:)

Once again I hope we all have a very happy 2009. I pray for peace and prosperity.


Vered - MomGrind said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
I have thought out a motto on how to be happy. I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to keep myself happy and it is an internal thing for me. U knw a state of mind. I am usually there. I have my blues but that is allowed. Offcourse where possible I'm there for those who matter. No pressure though. :)

wisegirl said...

Absolutely.. I completely agree with what u say. Happiness is a personal and individual thing and no one else can be responsible for something so important

et said...

very true :)

Karthik said...

the words... everything u do is just for this sole purpose... heard it lot of times... but still its sounds gud

Mitesh said...

My thoughts
Happiness is not always governed by your own action or is not always a personal thing, it also depends on the action of persons around you. Like you are upset when you see a beggar you cant control it but it is there. There can be several other examples this seems to be missing in there ;)