A note to myself

Getting into an MBA program is a lot easier than staying in and excelling in the course. I hope this serves as a reminder to me, making sure that I work hard, give it my best shot and not forget to unwind and relax a little. I also hope that I do not get too cocky and then fall really hard. I hope I never forget who I am and where I came from. I also hope that I do not forget the things that are most important to me. This includes my family and friends. They are the reason I am here. I also hope that I don't get too proud and remember to remain humble and modest because I truely believe that pride comes before fall.


Pixie said...

Don't worry babes...
you will do well. :)
I am very Proud of you!

Study well and relax and fun all in your terms.
Don't let anyone force you into thinking that you might like something which you actually don't!

*err.. I hope that made some sense!*

lifeinyour20's said...

rightly said. I believe in the same" pride comes before fall". Keep going strong :-)