HAppy new Year!

Things that I learned in 2009

1. it is possible for me to have more than 5 friends
2. i still haven't pushed myself hard enough this year although I promised to do so at the beginning of 2009 to realize my true potential. The reason for this I this is that I actually don't want to. I find great pleasure and peace in doing nothing, in not being busy all the time and in not working extremely hard. That's just who I am. True potential be damned. I'd rather be truly happy, which I am
3. You can still be best friends with someone even if you are in different continents.
4. Cooking is my second greatest passion. Eating is one thing I am never lazy about. I love a good meal and have no trouble preparing it myself.
5. I realize that there are very few people who really don't care what other people think of them and I am one of them. this I think is the real key to happiness.
6. Even very smart people make horrible decisions and there is nothing you can do to change it
7. The reason there are so many cultures that co exist in America and retain their cultural identity is that Americans are a lot more open, accepting and secure about their identity
than we ever give them credit for. That is part of their culture.
8. I am still a feminist but I have stopped trying to convince other people about feminism really is. I am tired and I think that people see things and understand ideas only if they want to.
9. I always thought that I would never get an abortion despite the fact that I am vehemently pro choice but now I think that's ot true. Children are a huge responsibility and you must be completely ready to take on that responsibility and if you are not, do what you must. It is more important than not do a good job in bringing them up.

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