i've always to put up a post on the women i admire and why. so here goes..
first the woman who influenced me at every step in my life.. my mother of course.
she is one the smartest , most compassionate and happy and spunky women i probably will ever meet. she taught me that actions were always much better than hollow words, that what goes around comes around and that the universe is a very fair place even though it may not seem so sometimes. she also taught me to accept people for who they are.

Sonia Gandhi. my dad says that she has more political acumen than the entire opposition put together. it took a lot of courage to return to the national political scene after a humiliating defeat in the late 90s.

my headmistress in school. she was one amazing woman. she was exactly like the head mistresses you read about in enid blytons..
wise, inspiring and brave. she saw all of us for not just the people we were but for the people we could become. she was amazing and i can proudly say that i was one of her favorites too.

Oprah Winfrey. the richest woman in the US of A. the richest African American. one of the most influential people of our era . the queen of talk show, she has discussed various issues facing millions of ordinary men and women all over the world from weight loss to low self esteem, from prostitution to war.
a humanitarian in every sense of the world, ms Winfrey is a role model to girls world over.

mukhtran mai, the woman who became the face of the struggle that millions of battered women world over go through. her fight for justice and her story is awe inspiring. a poor illeterate woman, gang raped as a punishment for a crime she or her family had nothing to do with in the savage tribal belt of pakistan, mukhtran mai fought with every breath she had for justice and finally won. her story should teach us to be brave and fight till we can fight no more, to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in.

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