one of the most interesting questions in life is what makes us the people we turn out to be? is it our upbringing? our own conscious decisions, fate, or circumstances? i believe that our upbringing plays an important role in determining the way we turn out to be but another important factor is our own image of ourselves and also the vision we have for our character, personality and soul.
a person who envisions himself/herself as a martyr, constantly sacrificing one's own happiness for others and not getting a word of appreciation for it will actually turn out to be exactly like that.. sniffly, self deprecating and melodramatic.
when we think of too many dramatic events in lives, we invariably try to create th drama and that in the end produces extremely unhappy situations not only for ourselves but also for the other people in our life.
girls with constant fear of abandonment will eventually drive the men away from their lives..
a girl who constantly thinks of being in a bad relationship will actually find herself attracted to the nastiest kind of men.. either wimps or jerks.

a good self image is the key to a good life. if you don't think you are nice and deserve good things in life and constantly envision sadness or failure, you can be very sure that life won't either.
by the way i don't think only girls have this problem. when men have poor self images, they turn out to be jerks or bullies or losers

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