girls night out! it was so much fun. i would recommend it to anyone who is stuck in any kind of rut. work, family, boyfriends, yourself.. whatever it is, girls night out is definitely a lot of fun. dress up all for yourself. look great and go have tons of fun. your company doesn't have to be your best friends, just a bunch of fun loving, positive people with whom you can have some light hearted fun.
you'll feel great about yourself and come back in great spirits.
i had fun like that tonight. some 5 of us girls from office decided to go out and have some fun. we aren't best friends or anything. just people who like each other. we planned it like a week before and all through the week we were so excited and eager about going. we endlessly discussed what we would wear and all that planning itself was so much fun. today we all left office early, got all gussied up and went to a really great place. we ate good food, talked about fun stuff. nothing intellectual, nothing serious. laughed a lot and had a great time. remember, sometimes it's nice to leave the men behind.

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