i don't seem to be writing much of late. i don't post on my blog nor do i write in my journal. i also feel that my latest blog posts seem a little forced and the quality of the writing is a little off the mark too. i have always had a lot to write about but these days i have had to force myself to think about the things around me.i have been wondering why this is and i realized the truth today.
it's not that i don't have anything to write about. it's just that i'm no longer connected to myself. i'm not at peace with myself and the worst part is i'm getting so caught up in a life where
i don't seem to be listening to myself. while it is important to stay connected to the people around us, it is absolutely imperative that we stay connected to ourselves. writing in my journal was how i did that. those few moments spent with myself, listening to me was what kept me in touch with my own thoughts. when i'm not connected to myself, negative emotions like jealousy and insecurity surface. being unsure of the things around me suddenly becomes not OK.
writing helps me balance all that. it makes my universe a more harmonious place.

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