TV tonight

I was watching Jhalak today on Sony and for the first time in my life I teared up, watching a dance. it was a performance by Baichung Bhutia and his choreographer and it was about a woman who has suffered from physical abuse. The choreography was just outstanding. It moved me to tears. The message was conveyed so clearly. it was beautiful!
While changing channels I saw Barkha Dutt's interview with Priyanka Gandhi. Never have I been that impressed. What I saw was a woman who is inteligent, cultured, dignified and astute.
Priyanka Gandhi came across as a woman who is sincere and honest. Her answers and opinions about non violence, her family and politics demonstrated the deep understanding she has of herself, her country and her family. The BJP talks a lot about nationalism, patriotism and Indianness but not one of their leaders have conveyed what Priyanka did in that interview. Her views and understanding about these matters can shame any 80 year old "grass roots","country loving" neta.
Catch the repeat telecast of the interview if posible and you'll know what I'm talking about.

here's the video of priyanka's interview


Pixie said...

what a coincidence...
we both blogged abt it... :)

and, yea.. Priyanka's interview is actually pretty awesome...

Gautam Ramdurai said...

I watched after you asked me to. What stayed back with me was the maturity she has - more than that of entire political parties put together.