learning to be smart

I think I was 12 years old when my mom told me something that I will never forget. I had gotten mediocre marks in my annual exams and had just received a long lecture from my class teacher about how indifferent I was becoming towards everything. I had also been yelled at quite badly by my dad and was in no mood to listen to another lecture. My mom and I were sitting by the swimming pool and this is exactly what she said to me..
"So you had a lot of fun last year in class I guess...I know how nice it is when boys pay you a lot of attention, when they want to talk to you and be with you but I'll tell you a secret... when you study well and do smart things, smarter boys will want to be around you... so think about it."
This was something that I never forgot...For us at home it was important to be smart. Smart meant thinking before you spoke, smart meant trying your best even if you sometimes failed, smart meant sticking to rules. We could and still can talk to our mother about anything. She never stopped us from asking questions.Sex, boys, ambition, marriage, children, life... she always tells me what she thinks. Always honest.Never apologetic.
I believe i have made smart choices in life and that is why I am happy today. I also trust myself to do the smart thing in future also. This is something I learnt from my folks


Mind Writer! said...

Nice post. You indeed are a smart girl. Hats off to your mom for being so wise. I wish my mom was like this.

wisegirl said...

thank u!

Gautam Ramdurai said...

"smarter boys will want to be around you" :D

Pixie said...

Yea, we were given good lessons...

so, where are the boys??

*starts looking around, with club in hand*

Scribbler said...


keep it rollin;)

prabha said...
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mon espace said...

stumbled into ur blog..

thats definetly a nice way to get a teenager to hit books.. :)

nice writing. short. concise.
Cheers! :)

(was logged into my mom's account earlier)