recently i had the privilege of being a part of something wonderful. the college ed board( specifically gautam) decided to organize a literary fest-shabd. i had the honour of being a part of the organizing committee because despite my indifference towards the universe in general, gautam saw me as a capable and competent woman.
the entire core committee worked so well as a team.everyone did what they were supposed to without any interference from the 'dictator' including lazy ol me.it truely was teamwork at its best.
it was a great example of a capable leader leading a team of efficient and enthusiastic people.
everyone in the core committee was wonderful and even though my interaction with them was minimal,it was great fun. they all came across as warm and intelligent people waiting to go places in life. my own team which had a lot of work on 'the' day was fabulous. the girls worked relentlessly all morning without a break and not once did they complain or give me a hard time.
at the end of the day the fest was a success and we all went home tired but very happy and proud for being a part of something truely amazing.it was one of the best experiences of my life.
cheers to the shabd team because it was a job well done and cheers to you my best friend because you realized the meaning of being a leader.

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