some people don't think. they don't care. they refuse to see beyond their own worlds. i ask you,how is this possible? people around us are suffering, dying, experiencing miracles or doing great things. how can any of this not deserve any thought.human beings are selfish and celf-centred. yes we must think of ourselves first because noone else will do so in this dog eat dog world of ours but this does not mean we shouldn't step out of the narrow confines of our own worlds.
empathy is a beautiful quality found only in human beings. yet we do the best we can to repress and ignore this quality until it dies.all great men in the history of mankind had been blessed with empathy. this made them think beyond the mundane struggles of everyday life and enabled them to do great things.
if gandhi hadn't thought of the nation as a whole would freedom be a reality? if mandela had not thought of the pain of the blacks and runaway from his motherland like so many others, would he be considered a legend? if the world had thought about the plight of the jews, couldn't one of the greatest tragedies of civilization been averted?
yes. empathy makes us makes human. to feel the pain of another human makes us think beyond our little safe worlds.only when you feel pain can you even think of alleviating it. it helps us become the person we want to be but dare not. it helps us feel great joy when it isn't actually our own and makes us feel pain that is quite faraway.
empathy makes us better, happier and thinking human beings.

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